What is BERSIH?

BERSIH 2.0 has been actively advocating electoral reform but our demands have fallen on deaf ears. The time has come for those mandated to administer the nation to “listen to the voices of the rakyat”. There is a clamour worldwide for greater democratisation of societies and we would invite those in power to heed those voices.

In this light, BERSIH 2.0 has decided to organise a rally: Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0

The demands of the rally are:

-Clean the electoral roll
-Reform postal vote
-Use indelible ink
-Free & fair access to media
-Minimum 21 days campaign period
-Strengthen public institutions
-Stop corruption
-Stop dirty politics

Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 is an initiative spearheaded purely by civil society. We invite the rakyat and all political parties to join forces to promote and uphold democracy in this country.


Press statement: 16 June 2011

BERSIH 2.0: Focus on Demands of Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0

The demands of Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 promote a vibrant and transparent democracy. All citizens, politicians or otherwise, should only support these (not attack them) if they believe Malaysians deserve such a democracy. BERSIH 2.0 believes that Malaysians deserve an electoral system of integrity, strong and independent public institutions and a corrupt free society.

It has long been recognised that NGOs play a vital role in Malaysian society. They constitute Malaysian Civil Society and the voices of the people. Those that downplay the importance of Malaysian Civil Society downplay the importance of the voice of the people.

BERSIH 2.0 is a coalition of 62 NGOs who have a strong interest in promoting democracy and free and fair elections in Malaysia. The initial BERSIH coalition which organised the rally in 2007 consisted of NGOs and political parties as members of the coalition. However, BERSIH 2.0 which was launched on 10 November 2010 consists purely of members from civil society organisations. It is a citizens’ movement for free and fair elections. The BERSIH 2.0 Steering Committee consists of 14 individuals who are representatives of their respective NGOs.

BERSIH 2.0 emphasises once again that the Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 is purely a civil society initiative and we have invited other organisations including political parties from all sides of the political divide to join us in upholding democracy and calling for electoral reform.

BERSIH 2.0 once again invites all interested Malaysians to attend and express their views at the Launch of Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0 on 19th June 2011, during which we will explain further the 8 demands of BERSIH 2.0.
Details of the Launch of Perhimpunan BERSIH 2.0:

Date : Sunday, 19 June 2011
Time : 8.30pm
Venue : KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, No. 1, Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur

Yours sincerely,
Steering Committee
Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0)

The Steering Committee of BERSIH 2.0 comprises:
Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan (Chairperson), Andrew Khoo, Arumugam K., Dr Farouk Musa, Haris Ibrahim, Liau Kok Fah, Maria Chin Abdullah, Richard Y W Yeoh, Dr Toh Kin Woon, Dr Wong Chin Huat, Datuk Yeo Yang Poh, Zaid Kamaruddin, Dr Subramaniam Pillay and Arul Prakkash.

New Semester, New Hope

I just started my new semester at MSU. It's been already a year I have studied there. This semester, I must try my best to achieve Dean's List award. Good Luck Chris!

Below is my current semester timetable.

Roll back..

A flashback of what happened the last 3 months..

30th October 2010
Church of St. Theresa, Nilai celebrates its Diamond Jubilee Dinner at Loon Sing Restaurant, Nilai. It has been 75 years since the parish established and Fr. Raymond Pereira is the first Parish Priest. Went with my CSS friends, Orphy, Sylvia, Aneys and Cass. It was also Rachel's b'day which we went after that. That night my Grandma admitted to Hospital with a heart attack.

27 November 2010

CSS MSUPTPLPOLY Annual Dinner 2010 at Dewan St. Faustina, CDM. 18 Tables. Good Turnout and everyone had fun. 

30 November 2010
Grandma passed away peacefully at IJN, KL after almost a month in hospital. Funeral was held on 2nd of December at Church of St. Anne, Port Klang. Grandma passed away at the age of 81. miss you.

6 December 2010
Grandma 7th Day Prayer.

25 December 2010
Merry Christmas! Christmas this year done in a small scale.

30 December 2010
Happy Birthday Christopher. 21st Birthday. No celebration.

8 January 2011
Grandma 40th Day Prayer

Signs Off..

Holidays =P

Yes! It's HOLIDAY time. I have 5 weeks of holiday during semester break. This is the best time to relax myself after a stressful.. YES.. STRESSFUL final examination. Anyway, hope for a good result. This October and November is a month i'm gonna REST and also to ENJOY. December this year would also be easier as I would not be facilitating for Love & Life 2010 Seminar in APC. I got eliminated as my attendance for meeting is bad. Well.. serve me right.. hehe.. Anyway, I could use all the time that I would spend for meetings and preparation by visiting my buddies in the student community. They are the most simplest people i've ever met. Simple yet humble. Hmm... Maybe the second week of November I would make a trip to Penang.. missing Penang badly.. 

In Memories

Has been a while (always been) since i wrote something.

           Many of us in church would know Uncle Sam.

         Samson Sew Lat Chai (known as Uncle Sam) has been a good helper in CDM. He was the Maintenance Team head and was also formerly the Chinese Apostolate leader.

           It was a great pleasure to work with him. He was also one of my mentors in church. Sometimes he would pick me and we eould go together to church to do some maintenance and repair work. He was there since the beginning or the dedication of the Parish of The Divine Mercy, Shah Alam

          All the good years had gone by. He was diagnosed with a cancer and was already on the 4th stage of it. But he fought till the end , gave a good fight. He never shown his sufferings that he was goin through. He passed away peacefully on the 20th of July 2010 at his home. Funeral Mass was held at CDM.

        It was an emotional farewell for many of us who had worked with him. I would like to thank him for all the good things he has done for the church.

Thank You Uncle Sam!
Been a busy week, month.. I'm trying to make myself busy with alot of stuffs.. But I still feel the emptiness in myself. empty.. totally empty..

Oath Taking Ceremony

Last Wednesday, I had my oath taking ceremony in uni. They told me it's a must or I could not graduate. LOL. So I decided to attend it. The Lecture Hall was packed with new graduates that came for oath taking.
A view from where I seated

It was a simple event that day. Oh ya.. I manage to sing a little of MSU Official Song.
Watch the video below